behavioral health

Northern Children’s Services Behavioral Health Division includes highly skilled professional staff that shares a deep and steadfast commitment to improving child and youth well-being, particularly for low-income, medical assistance-eligible and vulnerable families.

The goal of this Division is to help children, youth and families achieve and maintain appropriate functioning, which will transfer to community, home, and the school environment. Children, youth and families gain the necessary skills through a wide range of therapeutic, structured activities that are provided in a stable, consistent, and interconnected service setting.

School Therapeutic Services

Our School Therapeutic Services (STS) support children and youth who have emotional and/or behavior problems that make it very difficult for them to learn in a classroom setting. Our team works with the school staff and the child/youth’s family to help them succeed in school and in life.

Activities include:

  • Counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Classroom support
  • Behavioral therapy

Our School Therapeutic Services are currently in 10 Philadelphia Public Schools, including:

  • Add B Anderson School
  • Bayard Taylor Elementary School
  • Eleanor C. Emlen
  • Ethel Allen Promise Academy
  • James Logan Elementary School
  • John B Kelly School
  • Potter-Thomas Promise Academy
  • Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Samuel B Huey School
  • Tanner Duckrey Elementary School
  • John Barry Elementary School

For more information about our School Therapeutic Services, please School Therapeutic Services at 215-482-1423.

Partial Hospitalization and Wellness and Resiliency

Ages: 8 to 14 years old

Two programs in particular offer intensive and individualized services that integrate therapeutic interventions and academic support; these are referred to as the Wellness and Resiliency Program (“Wellness”) and the Partial Hospitalization Program (“PHP”). Together they constitute Northern’s on-site after-school and summer youth programs.

On our campus, our children, youth and families have access to all of our features, including the gymnasium, activity center, Connell Field, and an in-ground swimming pool.

The majority of students referred for participation in the after-school and summer youth programs typically display behavioral challenges that manifest as multiple school suspensions, poor academic performance, impulsivity, and difficulty responding appropriately to school structure and authority figures. One of the primary objectives of Northern’s Wellness and PHP programs is to decrease behaviors that interfere with classroom learning and problem solving, and in doing so, improve educational outcomes.

Both programs offer:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family and group therapy skils
  • Social skill development
  • Homework help and tutoring
  • Job counseling

For more information about our Partial Hospitalization and Wellness and Resiliency Services, please contact Outpatient, Partial and Wellness, at 215-482-1423.

Outpatient Services

Ages: 5 to 21 years old

This program addresses the needs of children, youth and families, who are experiencing difficulties such as traumatic, academic, emotional, or social stress.

The outpatient program offers individual, family and group therapy depending on the needs of the child and youth. Participants will work together with a therapist to work towards overall well-being.

For more information about our Outpatient Services, please contact Outpatient, Partial and Wellness at 215-482-1423.

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (Wraparound)

The Behavior Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) involves a wide range of services and supports the focus on the child, youth and family’s specific needs. The program is intended for children and youth with complex mental health and emotional needs, and their families.

Northern uses a team approach to offer mental health counseling, as well as family-based services. These services span across the child, youth and family’s home, school, and community settings.

The goal is to help the child by making the most of all of the resources and supports within their reach.

For more information about our BHRS program, please call 215-482-1423.

Behavioral Health Success Story

I want to see all of our kids have the opportunity to have some success in their life but, along with that, you have to make good decisions too. There will always be steps forward and steps back in their life but they’ve learned to take responsibility for each step and that will always get them to the next step forward. They make me proud by doing their best, each day, in little ways.

Kevin Weber - Director of Recreation and Volunteerism