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Kenny: A Father Figure and a Family

“I just wanted to go back home to the home I knew.  I was taken away from the only family I had ever known. The only home I had ever known.”

At the age of 15, after his grandmother fell ill and was unable to care for him and his siblings, Kenny Stone was taken away from his home in the Logan section of Philadelphia and placed at what was then referred to as Northern Home for Children in 1988.  (more…)

Msgt Allan T. Perkins: Beating the Odds

 “This place was 100 years old when I first started.”

Standing in the same gymnasium where he had played many basketball games, MSgt Allan T. Perkins, with his wife, Sheila and daughter, Kim, relived his teenage years at Northern Home for Children almost 52 years later.  This is his story. (more…)

Samantha: A Safe Place

“Growing up in the foster care system was tough,” says 21-year-old Samantha. “I spent almost all of my life in the child welfare system and away from my family,” she says, adding that she didn’t always feel like she was a part of the foster families she lived with. (more…)

Chiffon: The Key to a Better Life

When Chiffon Morrison entered the Generations program in 2006, the program had just begun at Northern Children’s Services.  As one of the first residents of the program, Chiffon was not sure what to expect when she stepped foot in the newly renovated Buck Building on the beautiful and historic 6-acre campus in Roxborough. To her surprise, it was more than she could have ever expected. (more…)

Michael: A Place To Call Home

It all started out by being pushed in a pool.

In the early 90’s, Daniels was a resident of Northern Home for Children for three years, which has since then evolved into Northern Children’s Services.  On one summer day, Daniels was pushed into the pool and a staff member at Northern Home for Children introduced him to swimming.  Now, 20 years later, Michael Daniels is working as a lifeguard at that very same pool at Northern Children’s Services that he once swam in as a kid. (more…)

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