Chester celebrates Halloween with our 2nd Annual Fall Harvest Festival

Halloween was a great day in Chester thanks to the 2nd Annual Fall Harvest Festival, hosted by Northern Children’s Services, PECO and the City of Chester.  The kid-friendly event was filled with plenty of tricks and treats, thanks to Mr. Magic Shop, who traveled all the way from New York to perform jaw-dropping magic tricks to the audience filled with adults and children dressed up in their Halloween best.  DJ Dan the Man added to the event with his catchy tunes.   Chester-Fall-Festival

“This is Northern Children’s Services second year partnering with Commissioner Nichols, Duane Lee, Recreation Director,  Patricia King, PECO and Asher Kemp, MC to bring this special event to the children and families in Chester.  The attendance was good today and we were able to connect with 55 adults and 30 children.   The DJ Dan the Man and the Magician Mr. Fantastic really made the event enjoyable.    Thank you again, for all your support and dedication for making the Chester Fall Harvest Festival 2014 a success.”

A great day for everyone

In addition to DJ Dan the Man and Mr. Magic Shop, PECO was there to provide knowledge and tips about programs that will help residents of Chester save on their bills.  Like they did in the previous year, they provided brochures to the crowd about different saving programs that would benefit them as the colder months make their way in.

Overall, the event was a success and brought a new level of positivity to what should be a wonderful holiday for the children of Chester.  Thanks to the efforts of Northern Children’s Services, PECO and the City of Chester, the 2nd Annual Fall Harvest Festival celebrated Halloween in the best way possible – with lots of treats for the kids, delicious food for the crowd and a celebration of fun.

To view pictures of the event, visit our Facebook page by clicking here. 


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