3rd Annual Merck Science Fair Comes To Campus

Last Friday, Merck & Co. Inc. brought a spark of Science to the Northern Children’s Services campus. Thanks to the volunteers from the West Point, PA office, our children participated in awesome science experiments, such as dissecting a cow’s eye.

The Science Fair was filled with excitement and awe as Merck assisted the children and allowed tMerckScienceFair2hem to truly enjoy the beauty of science. Dr. Sandra L. Wood was essential in making this event a success and explained it perfectly while thanking the Merck volunteers:

“Perhaps some of you have remembered that one mentor or teacher who inspired yourself to pursue a career in science.  You may have jut created that spark for one of the kids at NCS.  And THAT is a priceless feeling.”

3rd Annual Science Fair Was A Success

This was the 3rd Annual Science Fair, coordinated between the excellent volunteers at Merck and the children of our organization. In an effort to bring the love of science at Merck to NCS, this was a great opportunity for our children to discover for themselves the wonders of science through hands-on learning.

Kevin Weber, the Director of Recreation and Volunteer Services and Maureen Klein, the Director of Development at Northern Children’s Services, were both very instrumental in making this event such a success at Northern Children’s Services for the past 3 years. After the event, Maureen was even able to take the volunteers through a special tour through our newly renovated Merrick Hall, which is scheduled to have its grand opening on July 31st.  Learn more about this event, as well as our major sponsors involved, including IKEA, WAWA and the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation by clicking here.

Kevin Weber expressed his gratitude to the volunteers of Merck & Co. Inc. of the West Point, PA office, adding that thanks to them, they may have just given a child the confidence they needed to believe in themselves.

“Your encouragement and support (at the Science Fair) may have lifted a child to take their first step up the ladder to pursuing their own career in science and that’s an outstanding gift to give to any child.”

To view photos of this great event, we invite you to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages. 


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