Christiana: A Chance to Help Others

“I can be a role model for STS.”

Sitting in the School Therapeutic Services (STS) decorated classroom at Duckerey Elementary, Christiana Minnick boasted, “When I grow up I want to be a teacher and a nurse.  I want to help people like Miss Melissa and Miss Kate did for me.” 

Christiana Minnick may only be 10 years old but thanks to the School Therapeutic Services at Duckery Elementary, she has an appreciation for those that helped her with her behavior, particularly the STS staff at Northern Children’s Services.  Now, Christiana wants to give back. IMG_0882

“I can be a role model for STS.  I can show others who I was and show them the good things – not the bad things.  I want to set an example for others,” Christiana said.

Christiana entered the STS program in second grade and in just two years her behavior has improved drastically.

“Second grade Christiana and fourth grade Christiana are two totally different people.  She has matured a lot,” Melissa Keating, STS Clinical Manager at Duckery Elementary, said.

Christiana’s mother, Starlett, agreed that her daughter has made a huge turnaround.  “She’s come a long way with her behavior and attitude.  Of course I am so proud of her.”

When asked how that makes her feel, Christina shyly responded, “really happy,” with a smile.

IMG_0878As Christiana graduates from the School Therapeutic Services program, she appreciates being in the classroom and notes that her favorite subjects are art and character education, where she learns about her past and her heritage, which she takes great pride in.  She also enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with her brother who notes that Christiana is a “good sister” and “protects him from other people.”

When asked how she would describe the STS program, Christiana explains that it is a really fun program that helped with her behavior.  While she credits the Northern staff for, including Miss Melissa and Miss Kate, her mom and her teachers, including Miss S and Miss Alexander for helping her improve her behavior and be better in school, it was Christiana who ultimately made the decision to change for herself.

Christiana recalled the moment she decided she was going to change.  “I said to myself, ‘I’m going to change.  I don’t want to be bad anymore. When you’re bad, the day goes by longer, you get bad grades and I don’t want to be like that anymore.”

Now, Christiana is not looking back.  With her grades, her attitude and her behavior all better, there is no doubt that Christiana will be whoever she wants to be.

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