Exceptional Children Honored at 10th Annual Children’s Awards

Celebrating the Leaders of Tomorrow

On June 16, 2015, we celebrated the exceptional children of our various programs at the 10th Annual 2015-Childrens-AwardsChildren’s Awards, which was held at the exceptional Hilton Hotel on City Line Avenue.  It was truly an unforgettable event for everyone involved and we are already looking forward to next year’s event.

Renata Cobbs-Fletcher, our new President and CEO welcomed the crowd with some very heartwarming and encouraging words that she recalls from her father, “Keep on keeping on.  To the young people, we look at you as the leaders of tomorrow.”  She continued with, “Never stop being leaders.  At Northern Children’s Services, we have your back.”

Miles Wilson, the Acting Chairman of Northern Children’s Services, also stepped up to the podium to say a few words to the families and children listening to the crowd.  During his speech, he explained and related to the struggles of being born and raised in Philadelphia.  “No matter where you are from, never let that dictate who you are going to be in life,” he said.  He ended with a very powerful line that resignated with everyone in the crowd.  He said, “Don’t just make it – win the game.  Don’t put barriers on yourself.  Don’t put barriers on what you can achieve.”

Celebrating the Leaders of Today

The categories for the awards included: Academic Improvement, Academic Excellence, School Attendance, Social Improvement, Alumni Award,  Kenneth Hawkins Award, and the James Tera Memorial Award and the new Kevin Weber Award.  This was the first year for the Kevin Weber award, which was created to honor of Kevin Weber, a man who dedicated his life to the children of Northern Children’s Services for the past 34 years.  The award was given to a child in the After School/Wellness program, who had shown exceptional growth and behavioral improvement.

Also honoring Kevin Weber, was the two men receiving the Alumni Award.  Both Malo Jones and Kenneth Stone were at one time residents at Northern Children’s Services and have beat the odds.  When receiving the award, Malo Jones gave encouraging words to the children in the crowd, “Don’t ever give up.  There were plenty of times that I wanted to give up.  They taught us to fight.  You can be the difference for anybody.”

You can see pictures from this great event by clicking this link.


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