Sanctuary potluck brings hope keepers together at NCS

To honor the success that Northern Children’s Services has had bringing the Sanctuary model to the agency, a potluck was held to bring hope keepers together and to promote hope throughout the agency.

What is the Sanctuary Model?  hopekeeper1

Originating in the Philadelphia area in the early 1980′s under the creation of Dr. Sandra Bloom and her colleagues, the Andrus Center for Learning and Innovation describes the Sanctuary Model as “a blueprint for clinical and organizational change, which at its core, promotes safety and recovery from adversity through the active creation of a trauma-informed community.   A recognition that trauma is pervasive in the experience of human beings forms the basis for the Sanctuary Model’s focus not only on the people who seek services, but equally on the people and systems who provide tho se services.”

To lean more about the primary components of the Sanctuary Model and the Sanctuary Tool Kit,  we encourage you to click here. 

The Sanctuary CORE Group at NCS

The Sanctuary CORE Group consists of leaders and members of different programs, who either directly work with the children and families in trauma-informed care or are an integral part of promoting the agency’s mission, which is “Northern Children’s Services supports the healthy development of children, while stabilizing their families to build stronger communities.”  Together, they work towards implementing the Sanctuary Model into the agency to create a healthy working environment for both the employees and those in care.

Celebrating hope

Every staff member at Northern Children’s Services holds a passion to help that is the driving factor behind why they joined the occupational field they did. A hope keeper reminds you that those feelings of hopelessness and stress that are certain to arise in this field of work are only temporary.  In every person’s life, we have a hope keeper.

The Hope Keepers Potluck was a chance for the NCS staff to come together. enjoy tasty treats and show their appreciation to the employee that gave them hope when they needed it.  The event was also a great way to meet new staff and introduce them to the Sanctuary model.

See pictures from this event by visiting our Facebook page or clicking here. 


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