IKEA Furnishes Merrick Hall

IKEA transforms NCS Campus

From Tuesday, June 3rd to Thursday, June 5rd, our campus was full of great energy and positive vibes thanks to the IKEA employees who came to assemble furniture for Merrick Hall.  The week was full of genuine excitement for the final results and thanks to all of the hard work put in, the building is now fully furnished and close to completely ready for the grand opening, which will be happening on July 31st.

For a sneak peak of the final results and see pictures of the IKEA project, please click here.  IKEA at NCS

An environment overflowing with positive energy

Not only did IKEA assemble all of the furniture for the Merrick Building, they do with huge smiles on their faces, which is a testament to the company culture and their mission to do good in the communities they serve.   IKEA has a commitment to improve the surrounding communities and they showed that as they worked tremendously hard on our campus, completing the challenging project with flying colors.

Without Evamay Lawson, the Social and Environment Manager at IKEA and Angie Dixon, the Local Marketing Specialist at IKEA, the week would have not been such a huge success.   Their ability to stay organized, focused and full of excitement, despite the the mountain of work ahead of them was encouraging and we cannot say enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with them and IKEA as a whole on this project.  We hope to continue to build a relationship with IKEA after this event as it truly was a wonderful experience.

“The experience of working with NCS on the Merrick House building & remodel program has been fantastic. IKEA strives to be a valued and active community member who contributes to creating a better everyday life. Here we see a perfect fit with the mission of Northern Children’s Services,”  Evamay Lawson said.

Hats off to the IKEA employees

We would like to give a huge round of applause to all of the IKEA employees, which included the South Philly associates on Tuesday, the Corporate Service Office on Wednesday and the Conshohocken employees who visited on Thursday.   All of us at Northern Children’s Services are so grateful and impressed with the quality of work you put in while you were here on our campus.


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