Mobile Therapist Contractor (1099) Philadelphia & Chester Offices

Under the supervision of the Clinical Manager of the Wraparound Program, The Mobile Therapist provides intensive psychotherapy services to a child and family in settings other than a provider agency or office. Settings include the child’s home, in particular. Other potential settings include the school, the church, the community center, a neighbor’s or extended family member’s home, and other community settings. Services provided by a mobile therapist vary according to the individualized needs of a child and family and always includes the child as a participant in his/her own treatment as well as parent and other caretakers as members of the treatment team.



  • Promotes the development of adaptive skills and relationships of the child.
  • Is available for crisis intervention and collaborates with child, family and other involved professionals to develop a crisis plan that can include behavioral contracts with the child and lists of community and therapeutic resources.
  • Maintains contact with other members of the treatment team and assists in the implementation of the treatment plan. Helps develop daily routines, which will enhance the treatment approach indicated in the treatment plan.


  • Maintains progress notes for every billable contact.
  • Completes and submits progress notes and other billing/encounter documentation weekly to his/her Clinical Manager for timely review and submission.
  • Documents collateral contacts with family and other entities involved with client treatment in his/her progress notes.
  • Creates Initial Treatment Plan, and reviews and updates the Treatment Plan as necessary at least every 4 months of treatment.


  • Develops treatment plan in accordance with the recommendations of the evaluator that addresses the needs identified in the assessment. Participates in planning meetings with the family and child to update the treatment plan every four months.
  • Provides child-centered, family-focused individual and family psychotherapy as appropriate, which addresses the defined problem areas in the treatment plan and is strength-based.
  • Ensures that services provided to the child and families are unified and that there is continuity of care.
  • Coordinates the overall clinical direction of treatment and determines, with the family and other involved professionals, any other necessary family or child support services (i.e., medication, psychological testing, community supports) and how they can be obtained by the family.
  • If medication compliance is an issue for a child, helps the family develop daily routines that ensure medication is taken on a regular basis, and that medication check-ups with the psychiatrist are scheduled and attended by the child and family.
  • Participates in clinical supervision and staff training program as required.


  • Assesses strengths and therapeutic needs of child and family by using active listening, asking questions, and an exchange of information.


Education/ Experience:

  • Master’s degree from an accredited university in a clinical mental health discipline, such as psychology, counseling, clinical social work and marriage and family therapy. The degree must include at least twelve (12) credit hours in psychology.
  • At least one (1) year post-Master experience providing psychotherapy/counseling to children.

Other: Good verbal and written communication skills. Ability to interact with people in varied settings.


  1. Ability to walk up and down steps.
  2. Ability to perform SPMI Techniques.
  3. Ability to lift 20 lbs.
  4. Ability to drive a car.
  5. Ability to write notes

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