Sunshine Shout-Out: A NCS Record: SIX Adoptions Finalized in ONE Day

On Monday, December 14th, 2015, Northern’s Adoptions/ Permanency Department set a record and finalized six adoptions involving four different families. 

Going through the adoption process is a great accomplishment, as the process can at times seem very long and demanding.  For Ms. Joyce Clemons of Chester, PA, the challenges of the adoptions process were both a negative and a positive. After providing foster care to many children and serving as a foster parent through Delaware County Children and Youth Services (CYS) for over 30 years, Ms. Clemons began the process of adopting her great niece, Precious (age 6), and great nephew, Yamar (age 5). While the lengthy process occasionally grew frustrating, Ms. Clemons believed it allowed her great niece and nephew time to truly understand the transition their family was going through. Adoptions-NCS

Ms. Clemons expresses, “our [NCS] worker came out and was great…she helped the kids and they really knew who she was, what was going on, what she was working at for the family and it made things comfortable for the kids!” Of her experience working with NCS, Ms. Clemons notes that it was a “great experience…our worker was awesome! We’ve had a lot of workers but none were as detailed as our [NCS] worker! NCS was a big help at all times and even during the holidays.”

Although Ms. Clemons is disappointed to see her worker go as they’ve come to enjoy the time spent together, she is excited for this new stage for her family. Ms. Clemons shares , “I’m not sure how to put it…they’re already my family and this process means that we won’t lose them to the system and risk never seeing them again…this truly means a lot to me, to us!”

Another family, Ms. Tammy Lee and Mr. Chris McGill of Secane, PA, adopted their paternal cousin Aiden (age 4). Like Ms. Clemons, this couple also faced obstacles in the adoptions process, but ultimately ended up extremely happy in their decision to adopt Aiden. After several years of trying to conceive a child naturally without success thus far, this was the couple’s first experience with both kinship care and adoption. Adoptions-NCS

The couple shares that the adoption process was “difficult” as they had not initially known what to expect regarding adopting a child and were required to share much of their personal information. It was also scary at times as they were unsure what would happen and fearful that Aiden may reunify with his birth parents.

Ms. Lee and Mr. McGill explained that they fell in love with Aiden the first time they saw him and despite the difficulties of the adoption process, they would not have him placed outside of their family. The couple reflects that their lives are richer since having Aiden and they strive to bring him up on the same values they were brought up on. Ms. Lee and Mr. McGill shared that their worker helped them understand the process and was patient and took time with them to support them.

Regarding working with Northern Children’s Services (NCS), the couple replied that it was “peaceful…the best experience ever and the bright side of the adoption process aside from actually adopting their son!” In thinking about adopting again, they smile and note that they would consider if, “only if it was through NCS.” Regarding what adoption means for their family, the couple shares, “it means everything…it is a blessing…we got our son!”


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