NCS this Month: A Message of Fortitude and Courage

A Message from our President and CEO

Each year, February is a celebration of Black History Month.  We celebrate not only the accomplishments and contributions of distinguished individuals who have given so much to the United States in so many ways, but also the fortitude, courage, resilience, and faith of countless and nameless everyday people who have overcome tremendous odds over the centuries in this country.New-Boiler-1This February theme was a good reminder for Northern as we worked our way through a month of some significant challenges.  We  sought to uphold the values that represent Black History Month as we dealt with our boiler emergency, which meant no heat in three of our six buildings.  Staff and clients moved offices and service areas to other buildings, and we worked through the inconvenience and frustration.  We had no idea how we would pay to replace the boiler, which was beyond repair.  Like most other social service non-profits, we continue to face financial challenges as public funding has decreased over the last few years.

Finally, we have heat!  And not only do we have heat for the season, Northern has a new boiler that will last another several decades.  This gift to our future is possible only through the community of past and current donors, board members and new friends we made through the GoFundMe campaign and related press coverage, and staff.

We have raised almost $30,000!  For now, we are working to raise additional funding needed to pay for the one new boiler that has been installed (approximately $90,000).  Once we reach this goal, we will continue to raise money towards a second boiler, the optimal solution proposed by the engineer worked with us (another approximate $110,000).  But we have time on our side now to do this.  While not perfect yet, we have heat!

As we move into the month of March, we are resilient and motivated, thanks to the many people who stand behind us.   





Northern Children's Services