NCS this Month: Celebrating Foster Care Awareness Month

A Message from our President and CEO

In May, we celebrate National Foster Care Awareness Month.  At Northern, this observance gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on our work to find wonderful resource parents for children and youth under the care of the Department of Human Services, and a safe and warm home on our beautiful 6-acre Roxborough campus.  Leaving out the neglect, physical and emotional abuse, loss, and other trauma that these beautiful young people have experienced, the singular fact of being removed from the home of their parent(s), the relatives who raised them, or from one or more previous foster care settings is a traumatic event in and of itself.  
FosterCareAwareness-3But at Northern, we use our incredible opportunity to work with these children, youth, and resource parents to focus on the resilience and assets that each and every one of these young people possess.

We focus on tending to wounds so that they heal and help support positive outcomes, not just today but well into the future.  While we are deeply proud of the work we currently do, like the month of May, we should always be striving to renew ourselves.  We are working to build on the strengths of our current programming to ensure that our young people and their families are attaining educational, vocational, and economic goals and advancement.  We are seeking to enhance aspects of our residential programs through the addition of things like a new, large vegetable garden and nutrition and cooking programs that will partner Northern with farm-to-table organizations, and a fresh look at our parenting and life skills curricula.  We hope to build a stronger data system for better tracking outcomes over the long-term.  To accomplish these and other goals, we’ve added some new, talented staff members to our team, who compliment those already on board.

We look forward to continuing to share stories from our work through this eNewsletter, as well as stories about our own resilience and growth.




Northern Children's Services