NCS this Month: Celebrating Staff and the Summer

A Message from our President and CEO

The July sun is radiating over NCS, and its warmth can be felt all over campus, as I watch the children and staff engaging in summertime fun. I want to shine the light on our Partial and Wellness team leaders, an incredibly patient group of staff, whose daily contributions have resulted in incredible progress made by our “littles.”  Thank you for the efforts that you all contribute day in and day out. 

Playground1In only a little over one year, I have had the pleasure of not only seeing and meeting, but, beginning to get to know many of the beautiful children we are honored to care for through our Partial and Wellness Programs. Shy hellos have turned into regular visits to my office to say hello. (I’d like to think that the kids primary goal is to connect with me, but I know that the glorious glue sticks, pencils, and candy in my office are really what bring them in). These kids are charming, funny, creative, and persuasive during their advocacy attempts to get what they want in the moment. I believe that, thanks to the amazing Partial and Wellness staff, these are character traits, that when appropriately directed, can and will take these children far in life.

And, as I relish in the pride I feel over how far many of these children have come socially, emotionally, and academically, I am reminded of one very special office visit.

Trying to catch up on the endless stream of emails one evening I felt the presence of someone behind me, and then a very gentle hug from behind, with a little head crested next to mine. I turned around, and sure enough, it was a little guy I had met from the program several times. I was so taken aback and so moved by this unmistakably loving and sincere gesture, I wondered what made him feel comfortable enough to come in and hug me? While the candy surely served as motivation, I realized that it is Northern’s Partial and Wellness staff that make these cherished moments possible.

To our leaders,  I continue to be awed by the magic that each of you and your staff make happen on a daily basis. Thank you!




Northern Children's Services