NCS this Month: A Message of Hope and Gratitude

A Message from Our President and CEO

No matter what our differences in religion and culture, the holiday season is a time to appreciate our blessings – family, friends, good health, happiness, a decent roof over our heads, and the means to provide for our children and families. 

We express this appreciation through giving our time, money, and other resources not only to those in our small circles of friends, families, and colleagues, but also to those we may not know very well, if at all – those who may have less material wealth than us, or who may be struggling with similar or different challenges than we ourselves face.

Thanksgiving_Food_DriveWe give to people and causes we believe in so that a difference for the better can be made.  We hope to alleviate the pain and suffering of others – from things like poverty, homelessness, mental illness, and children and youth living in foster care – ultimately to improve the outcomes for these children, youth and families , but also to simply provide some joy and smiles during the holiday season.

At Northern, we have much to be thankful for.  Through support from individuals, families, businesses, schools, houses of worship, etc., we are able to continue to provide children, youth, and families with the care and support that they deserve and the opportunity to heal from the various forms of trauma that they have faced in their often very short lives.

Through our Thanksgiving Food, Holiday Toy, and Winter Coat drives, we are also able to meet some basic needs, and to put some smiles on some beautiful faces.

We need you and hope you will support our ongoing efforts through cash donations and through support for the drives. Information regarding our Holiday Toy Drive and Winter Coat Drive can be found on our website and in our monthly e-newsletter.

We wish you a joyous month filled with all of the things we all wish for ourselves and work to help provide for others.  Thank you!




Northern Children's Services