NCS This Month: Giving Back to the Community

A Message from our President and CEO

Just like a garden, children begin as seedlings who blossom when lovingly nurtured, they have adequate room to grow, and they receive plenty of light. Thanks to Northern’s incredibly compassionate staff, sprawling 6-acre campus, and the August sunshine, these kids have shot up like rays of light, beaming from the gym to the pool.

Northern’s summer camp (for those children receiving behavioral health services under our care) is in full bloom at NCS, and not only are the children flourishing socially and emotionally on-campus, I am proud to say these kids are spreading the sunshine into the community.

Through their volunteer efforts at the Inglis House, a long-term nursing facility that provides residential care to more than 200 adults suffering from a myriad of physical disabilities, our campers are developing an appreciation for the old adage: giving is better than receiving.

NCS is committed to the healthy development of children, and by providing them with enriching experiences, like their visits to the Inglis House, our seedlings are growing up to be generous, confident, and contributing members of society.



Northern Children's Services