NCS this Month: A Message for the New Year!

A Message from our President and CEO

Happy New Year! At Northern, we are grateful for so much, even amid the ongoing challenges we face. This holiday season, we were thrilled to provide thousands of the children we serve and their families with enough toys, joy, and holiday spirit to last for the next year.  

The support we received this year from our donors, supporters and volunteers was overwhelming and truly amazing. From the 5th Police District to Wawa, the Philadelphia Eagles and our neighborhood favorite cheesesteak place to our supportive realtors from Fox & Roach and bankers from Beneficial Bank, as well as the countless other individuals, volunteers, families, and community-based organizations, we can’t say THANK YOU enough! Thanks to each and every one of you, Northern’s children, youth, and families were given the hope they needed these last few weeks in such heartfelt, moving, and inspiring ways. Hope-For-The-Holidays

This incredible work kept Northern focused and positive during this joyous holiday season about broader organizational and sustainability efforts that the same levels of excitement, commitment, and investment are more difficult to generate. For example, the PA state budget impasse has continued on, with significant reimbursements to Northern outstanding. One staff person recently asked me how we (Northern) have been able to remain open during this time, when many of other organizations have furloughed or laid-off employees, or closed altogether. I answered that we have very truly and simply eked out these last few months. Thankfully, our behavioral health services have continued to be reimbursed uninterrupted. The reimbursements from our child welfare services have trickled in and we have borrowed money that we cannot afford that has allowed us to barely continue Northern’s work.

While Northern remains committed to the needs of the children, youth and families that we serve, the truth is that, without adequate financial sustenance for these operations, we will not be positioned in the future to provide holiday gifts, food, and clothing to our clients if we are unable to support basic operations.

This holiday season, despite our struggles, Northern broke a record when our Adoptions program finalized six adoptions in one day. Thanks to the tireless and motivated work of our staff and families, these children now have permanent homes. This is just one example of the incredible work that is accomplished every day at Northern.

I remain enthusiastic about the future of Northern, but also committed to providing a realistic picture of our needs going forward. This is the new Northern – still passionate, committed, and strong – but also with transparency, prioritization, and a commitment to our fundamental needs. We will not only survive, we will thrive.

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