#NCSNewDay All Agency Meeting & Leadership Award Winners

NCS Staff Gathers for All Agency Meeting

On Thursday, June 25th, all staff members were invited to join the #NCSNewDay All Agency Meeting, which NCS-New-Day-All-Agencyconsisted of multiple presentations regarding the plans, strategies, and improvements that have happened and are on the way for NCS.  It was a great day to celebrate the end of another great school year, as well as officially welcome our new President and CEO, Renata Cobbs-Fletcher.  The #NCSNewDay social media campaign kicked off this year to promote the positive changes happening at Northern Children’s Services.  You can follow the hashtag on ourFacebook, Twitter,  and Instagram. 

Sunshine Committee Leadership Awards Given Out

Thanks to the Sunshine Committee, which is a group of employees who work together to promote staff appreciation, the Leadership Awards were given out.  Staff members were nominated based on 4 different criteria, including:

Above and Beyond

This award recognizes a NCS employee who consistently goes “above and beyond” the call of duty. This person completes tasks that are in addition to their assigned workload. This person will regularly cover when there is a shortage of staff. This person is willing to assist in the training of new staff, will come in early or stay late as needed, works well independently as well as collaboratively as a team member to accomplish stated goals, and is creative in coming up with alternative solutions if needed, for example. This person is the “go-to” person, and is always considered reliable by co-workers and their supervisor.

….and the winners went to: Chrissy Rickard and Lauren Nestel


This award recognizes a NCS employee who has demonstrated excellence in all facets of their role. This person portrays the quality of excellence and surpasses ordinary standards in all aspects of their position. Examples include having paperwork completed ahead of time as well as acting as a role model for peers. This person is someone who personifies the standards of excellence of NCS through their communication, customer service, job knowledge/skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork, organizational citizenship, and workplace safety.

….and the winner went to Shirley Watson.


This award recognizes a NCS employee who works directly with consumers and families in the home, school, or community settings. This person accurately assesses and identifies the needs of the consumers and demonstrates a positive attitude within the workplace. This person utilizes a strengths-based approach to help move the consumers towards their identified goals. This person provides necessary or requested services within acceptable timeframes as well as seeks feedback from consumers. The consumers of this person have expressed satisfaction with the service.

….and the winners went to: Isabel Robles and Omar Lambright.  NCS-All-Agency-Meeting


This award recognizes a NCS employee who has demonstrated superior ability in collaborating both between agency programs and with external networks. This includes collaboration for special projects supporting NCS programs and with external agencies to meet a specific goal.

….and the winners went to: Bonnie Dugan.

Honorable Mention

Due to the fact there are so many exceptional staff members, who are dedicated and committed to the overall mission that “Northern Children’s Services supports the healthy development of children, while stabilizing their families to build strong communities,” there were many Honorable Mention Awards.

….and the winners went to: Colette Dunlap, Dawn McIntosh, Daria Waite, Jessica Vinti, LaTanya Wood-El, Maureen Ryan, Dr. Natalie Bilynsky, Ralph Mack, Sharita Lee, Shronda Smalls, Shirley Watson, Tara Wilson, Dr. Varsha Reddy, and Staci Clark.

Congratulations to all of the honorees and thank you for your continued hard work and commitment to NCS.  It’s because of you that we are able to help the children and families of the communities. See pictures of the kick-off of our #NCSNewDay Social Media Campaign and our All Agency Meeting by clicking here.

The meeting ended with Lyceum Physical Medicine stopping by to give a presentation on health and wellness, as well as provide all of the staff with delicious Subway sandwiches.  Their office is located in the Roxborough area as well.  To learn more about them, please visitwww.lyceumPM.com.


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