DHS Selects Tabor Northern Community Partners to Manage Cases in Northwest Philadelphia

Taking another step toward the historic transition to community-based service delivery and stronger protection for vulnerable children, the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS) named Tabor Northern Community Partners (TNCP) as Community Umbrella Agency(CUA) for the fourteenth and fifth police districts in the Northwest section of the city. TNCP is a newly formed partnership comprised of Tabor Children’s Services and Northern Children’s Services.

Tabor and Northern collaborated to create TNCP, a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation designed to provide high impact community-based services as a CUA for DHS. Both agencies have a long and demonstrated history of providing high quality services and collaborating with other stakeholders in the Philadelphia area. From its founding in 1907 as a residential home for children in Doylestown, Tabor has developed a wide range of community-based and child welfare services. Northern was founded in 1853 serving as a refuge for children facing extraordinary challenges. The agency transitioned in the 1990’s with the expansion of community-based, family based and behavioral health services.

“TNCP is looking forward to building upon the resources of both parent organizations to develop a unique CUA that is a true community partnership. We are excited to work with DHS in implementing this innovative model for the Germantown, Roxborough, Mt. Airy and Manayunk communities,” said TNCP Chairman and President and CEO of Northern Children’s Services Tracey Lavallias. “We will work closely with DHS, network partners and community stakeholders to build on family and community strengths to improve outcomes for children.”

“The two organizations that have formed TNCP also have long histories of providing social services to Northwest Philadelphia and we are confident they will add excellence to our network doing this vitally important work,” said DHS Commissioner Anne Marie Ambrose.

“Our collaboration reaffirms our collective belief in keeping children safe within their communities,” said Jonathan Solomons, TNCP Vice Chairman and CEO of Tabor Children’s Services. “We both have long rich histories that speak to this legacy. Together, we seek to maximize the assets of our partners and establish our impact on not just individual programs and services, but on the community as a whole.”

TNCP will manage cases in Northwest Philadelphia extending to the city limit. In addition to TNCP, DHS named NET Community Care, which was the first CUA chosen in July 2012 to serve a section of eastern North Philadelphia, as the CUA for an adjacent section extending through the north-central part of the city. DHS has now chosen providers to manage child welfare cases in seven of the city’s 10 coverage areas. It is expected that the remaining three CUAs will be selected by the end of this year.

The shift to community-based service delivery is part of DHS’ groundbreaking initiative Improving Outcomes for Children (IOC), which will be implemented over a four year period. The initiative aims to eliminate duplication of service and improve monitoring and oversight of child welfare cases. Under the old system, DHS-involved children had two case workers: one from DHS and one from a provider agency. Under IOC, DHS will streamline case management into a single-case management system. All case management services will be transitioned to the ten carefully selected CUAs while DHS workers assume greater responsibility for monitoring, oversight, training and support. DHS will maintain ultimate responsibility for the children within its care and will continue to operate the DHS Hotline, perform intake and conduct investigations.


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