The Marriott Helps The Campus Bloom in Color

Despite the rainy weather outside, the Marriott employees showed up to volunteer with bright and cheery attitudes and the mindset to work.  And that they did.  For seven years, the Marriott has volunteered their time at Northern Children’s Services and their time has been invaluable to improving the

One Day Dedicated to Beautifying the Campus

Unlike the clouds in the sky, the Northern Children’s Services campus began to slowly light up as Marriott employees planted beautiful flowers around the campus.  Other volunteers spent their time cleaning the pool area, which is always a nice addition to summer activities.

General Manager of the Philadelphia West Marriott, Mike Rodden enjoys being able to see the progress, not only of their own work but the hard work that goes into improving the campus on a day to day basis.  “It is great to be able to leave at the end of the day and feel like you have left things better than when you got there, but it is even better to see the changes from year-to-year and the progress that is being made while we are not there.  It is something we are proud to be a part of,”  Rodden said.

But that’s not the only reason the Marriott has stayed so faithful to Northern Children’s Services, coming back year after year to volunteer. “We really respect what important work Northern Children’s Services is doing in the community and we feel like the clean-up day is a way we can help contribute to what you do,” Rodden said.

Volunteerism is very important to the Marriott, which is another reason why they have stayed so loyal to NCS.  Mike Rodden explained why volunteerism is so important to him and how it applies to the message of Marriott. “In a capitalistic system, there isn’t always a profit incentive for everything that is important to get done.  Volunteering allows us to work on some of those things that really are important.”

On behalf of all of Northern Children’s Services, we’d like to thank the Philadelphia West Marriott for their dedication, loyalty and hard work.  It is because of organizations like your own that we are able to grow and expand our services so that we can touch the lives of even more children and families in the communities.  To see pictures of this day on our Facebook page, please click here. 


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