Adoptions Awareness Month kicks off at the Philadelphia Flyers

November is Adoptions Awareness Month.  To honor this, the Philadelphia Flyers honored a former adoptions family from our Adoptions program during the November 4th home game verse the Edmonton Oilers at the Wells Fargo Center.

As the announcer introduced Ms. Karen Mason and her adopted family to the massive crowd in the Wells Fargo Center, you could visibly see the excitement rising in both the family being honored and the crowd.  The lasting applause was just one indicator of the positive and uplifting message that this family represented.  Thanks to Ms. Mason, three girls found a forever family.

“Being able to honor one of our former adoptive families at the Philadelphia Flyers game was, simply put, amazing! Not only was the family excited and energized to be a part of the evening’s festivities, the family helped us raise awareness about the process of adoption and the fact that there are many children waiting to be connected to a forever family,” Jessica Flood, Adoptions/Permanency Supervisor at Northern Children’s Services said.  

Finding a forever home for children

Ms. Karen Mason began her journey as a foster parent in 2010.  In 2013, she adopted one of her daughter’s and just this year, she adopted twin girls.  Her supportive and loving household consists of Ms. Karen, her two adult biological daughters, with whom she has shared custody, her grandson, her 3 adopted daughters, and her foster daughter.  Though a large household, Ms. Mason provides individual and equal attention to each and every child.  In fact, she insists and beams with love that when any child moves into her home, they instantly become part of her immediate family.

Thanks to the Philadelphia Flyers, a massive platform was given to both Northern Children’s Services and this wonderful family to get the word out about the importance of adoption and the wonderful children with whom we work with to find a “forever home.”

“My hope is that this event helped to inspire others about adoption to ultimately benefit the wonderful children with whom we work,”Flood said.  



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