Welcome Reception for our New President and CEO

Celebrating Renata Cobbs-Fletcher

Following a diligent search for a visionary leader during a very exciting time in our 162-year history, Renata Cobbs-Fletcher was appointed the President and CEO by the Board of Trustees and started at the organization on June 22, 2015.

Renata-Cobbs-Fletcher-Welcome-ReceptionExactly one month later on July 22nd, a welcome celebration was held for our new President and CEO.  Miles Wilson, the Acting Interim Chair of the Board, explained that the search for a new CEO was not an easy on
e but he has total confidence that they (the Board of Trustees) “nailed it” with their decision.

The Welcome Reception was held on the patio of the new Merrick Hall, which opened its doors – after 15 years of being vacant – just last year on July 31, 2014.  It was a beautiful night overlooking the hills of Roxborough and everyone in attendance was eager to hear from Northern Children’s Services new President and CEO.

Renata described her first full month at Northern. “On the day I started, so did the youth from our behavioral health programs, who are also summer campers.  They looked as disoriented as I felt, but like me, full of excitement, hope and anticipation.  Now all of us are settling in.”

It’s been a very busy month for Renata as she gets settled into her role but one thing is for sure.  She is passionate about the work of Northern Children’s Services and is ready and able to take the organization to the next level.

“Northern Children’s Services is a jewel, a refuge, for the children and families who have or are experiencing trauma, disruption, family separation, mental health and young parenthood.  We are breaking down barriers that are addressing the stigma of behavioral health and we are addressing the trauma of our communities and our children. We, like every other social service organization, are facing environmental changes that dictate how we must adapt, grow and chance.  We are old and wise.  We are young and learning.  We are the oldest, wisest start-up in the city.”

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