Women for Women Help Our Your Women Go To Prom

Prom Season at NCS

It was just three years ago that Jennifer came to live at  NCS in the Generations Program with her son. Now, she is graduating and attending her Senior Prom. There was so much excitement in the lobby as her friends and family waited for her to make her grand entrance with her date.  And when she did, it was beautiful. Despite the raindrops falling from the sky, Jennifer still posed for pictures with her date, Kevin, her friends, her father, and other important people of her life. The balloons on the railing matched her stunning dress, which was handmade and absolutely breathtaking.

Generations Girls Graduate

A graduation is not only a memorable event, it is a milestone in one’s life.  Jennifer  was among one of those girls, who were able to cross that milestone with great pride this year and on behalf of everyone at Northern Children’s Services, we would like to say congratulations!  This accomplishment is a reminder that with hard work, dedication and a support channel surrounding you, anything is possible. That first look of Jennifer as she walked out of the door wearing her gorgeous dress is a moment that she, along with everyone standing there, will never forget.

One Donor’s Inspiring Story

Thanks to a group of incredible women, who donated to the Generations girls, B, as well as the others, were able to have those same once-in-a-lifetime experiences that all high-school kids should have, including prom and graduation.   One sponsor, Eileen Masterson- Carr, donated in memory of her mother, who was a huge proponent for education and an inspiration to all women. Rosemary H. Masterson was a single mother of 8 children, after separating from Eileen’s father when she was just 3 years old.  Eileen, being the  youngest of the 8 children, watched her mother raise her and her 7 siblings in a row home with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. “My mom always wanted to be a teacher but back in her day, they didn’t send women to college.  She went to Secretarial School.  She went to work when I was in second grade.  She was the secretary of the Principle at the public elementary school near our home and worked until she was 77-years-old,” Eileen During those years, Rosemary H. Masterson worked her way up to the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.  On March 3, 2013, Rosemary passed away but her legacy of hardwork, determination and dedication will continue to live on through her children. “My mother was a huge proponent of education – especially in the areas of spelling and grammar.  All of my brothers and sisters went to 12 years of catholic school and college.  My 2 sisters are both teachers.  I’m the only one in healthcare,” Eileen said.  “The reason I wanted you to know this is because my Mom would love to know we were helping a women with her education.”

Congratulations  to the Generations Girls!

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