• Adoptions

    Marissa Rosenfeld, Adoptions & Permanency Supervisor
    215-482-1423 ext. 1135Adoptions
  • Early Intervention (EI)

    Ketsia Cherubin, Early Intervention Specialist
    215-482-1423 ext. 1007Early Intervention
  • Cash and In-Kind Donations, General

    Alysia Robinson, Executive Assistant to CEO/Office Manager
    215-482-1423 ext. 1200Donations
  • Foster Care

    Rhonda Walthour, Foster Care Supervisor
    215-482-1423 ext. 1255Foster Care
  • Human Resources & Compliance

    Yu-Ching Ting, Chief People (HR) Officer
    215-482-1423 ext. 1242Human Resources
  • Immaculata Pre-Doctoral Internships

    Dr. Lindsay Brown, Director
    215-482-1423 ext. 1196Pre-Doctoral Internships
  • Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)

    John Cappo, Administrative Director
    215-482-1423 ext. 1283IBHS
  • Outpatient (OP)

    Listaree Brickee, Clinical Intake Coordinator
    215-482-1423 ext. 1292Outpatient
  • Residential Programs

    Aaron Prince, Director of Residential Programs
    215-482-1423 ext. 1162Residential
  • Reti-WRAP

    Kia Butler, Director
    215-482-1423 ext.
  • Volunteer Opportunties

    Kevin Weber, Director of Recreation & Volunteerism
  • Wellness & Resiliency Program

    Dr. Dawn George, Director
    215-482-1423 ext. 1233Wellness
  • Masters Level Internships

    Dr. Dawn George, Director
    215-482-1423 ext 1233Master's Level Internships
  • General Interships

    Yu-Ching Ting, Chief People (HR) Officer
    215-482-1423 ext 1242General Interships