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Behavioral Health

The goal of our behavioral health programs is to help children, youth and families achieve and maintain appropriate and positive functioning, which will transfer to community, home, and school environments. Children, youth, and families gain necessary skills through a wide range of therapeutic, structured activities that are provided in a stable, consistent, and interconnected service setting.

  • Early Intervention (EI)

    Northern’s EI Program is intended to meet the needs of middle and high-school aged youth who are at-risk for drug and alcohol use and abuse.

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    Curriculum-based group psycho-ed and counseling sessions are provided. The program operates in schools, after-school programs, and residential and community-based settings.

    For more information, please call Ketsia Cherubin, Early Intervention Specialist, at 215-482-1423 ext. 1007 or

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  • Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)

    IBHS provides school, community, and home-based behavioral health services to support children with emotional or behavioral issues that make it difficult for them to function in a standard school setting.

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    Through individual counseling, group therapy, classroom support, and behavior modification techniques, such as role modeling, redirection, coaching, and conflict resolution, our caring IBHS staff help children recognize when they are escalating, control themselves, and move to less intensive levels of care.

    Northern currently provides IBHS at over 16 schools in the School District of Philadelphia, including charter schools:

    1. AMY Northwest
    2. Charles Henry Elementary School
    3. Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School
    4. Dr. Ethel Allen Promise Academy
    5. Eleanor C. Emlen Elementary School
    6. Green Woods Charter School
    7. Henry Houston Elementary School
    8. James Dobson Elementary School
    9. Jenks Academy Arts & Sciences
    10. KIPP North Philadelphia Academy Charter
    11. KIPP Preparatory School
    12. Rhodes Elementary School
    13. Richard Wright Elementary School
    14. Shawmont School
    15. Tanner Duckrey Elementary School
    16. Thomas Peirce Elementary School

    For more information, please contact John Cappo, IBHS Director, at 215-482-1423 ext. 1283 or

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  • Outpatient

    We serve children and youth up to age 21 with emotional and behavioral symptoms including, but not limited to, depression, impulsivity, hyperactivity, trauma, anxiety, and disruptive behaviors.

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    A multidisciplinary team of child and adolescent psychiatrists and therapists provide individualized emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric support in a safe, caring, and healthy environment using multiple, effective ​

    This program addresses the needs of children, youth, and families who are experiencing difficulties such as traumatic, academic, emotional, or social stress.

    The outpatient program offers individual, family, and group therapy depending on the needs of the child and youth. Participants will work together with a therapist to work towards overall well-being.

    For more information, please call Listaree Brickey, Assistant Director of Outpatient, at 215-482-1423 ext. 1292 or

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  • Wellness & Resiliency Program (an IBHS program)

    The Wellness is a therapeutic afterschool and all-day summer program for children 8 to 14 years old with behavioral and emotional symptoms including, but not limited to, depression, impulsivity, hyperactivity, anxiety, and disruptive behaviors.


    The Wellness & Resiliency Program (Wellness) offers therapeutic services on-site on our beautiful six-acre campus, in the child’s home, and during program-sponsored therapeutic community outings. ​

    Most students referred for participation in the afterschool and summer youth programs typically display behavioral challenges that manifest as multiple school suspensions, poor academic performance, impulsivity, and difficulty responding appropriately to school structure and authority figures. One of the primary objectives of Wellness is to decrease behaviors that interfere with classroom learning and problem-solving and, in doing so, improve educational outcomes.

    Wellness offers group and individual therapy, social skills development, homework help, and tutoring.

    For more information, please call Edith Cruz, Assistant Director of Wellness, at 215-482-1423 ext. 1320 or

  • Youth Promoting Peace Program (YP3)

    YP3 engages gender and age-specific groups (ages 14-17 and 18-24) once weekly over 12 week periods.

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    Youth Promoting Peace Program (YP3) engages youth ages 14-24 residing in Philadelphia in activities that aim to decrease exposure to violence and trauma symptoms while building life and leadership skills designed to broaden their experiences, perspectives and possibilities.

    Youth will learn:

    • Recognizing and addressing trauma due to violence
    • Conflict resolution strategies
    • Community issue mapping
    • Digital storytelling
    • Youth leadership skills
    • Continuing education and career paths
    • Financial literacy
    • Physical and mental fitness
    • Impact of gun violence within our communities
    • Healthy social media engagement
    • The power of peer and mentor relationship

    Participating youth will receive a stipend for successful completion of the program. Transportation, dinner, and snacks will be provided.

    For more information, please contact Ketsia Cherubin, Early Intervention Specialist, at 215-482-1423 ext. 1007 or, or contact Lakisha Cobb, Family and Peer Specialist at 215-482-1423 ext. 1250 or

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