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Come Grow with Us! Work. Intern. Volunteer.

Imagine that every child, youth, and family had both the opportunity and the support to not just survive, but to heal and grow so that they can thrive. In the world. In the United States. In PA. In Philadelphia. At Northern. Now imagine that you are part of the healing and thriving – not only for those we serve, but for you as well.

At Northern, we care about and support young people and their families. While our work is sometimes hard, it is also rewarding, and we know that it is well worth it. At Northern, it’s all hands on deck. Whether you work here, intern here, or volunteer here, your contribution is invaluable. We need you! Our work is much larger than one person or program. We recognize that all of us are needed in different ways to make a difference; one child, one youth, and one family at a time. No role towards change is more important than another.

The work that we do is extremely rewarding but can also be complex and demanding. Northern is always looking for the right people to join our team. People who share our values. People who are passionate about children, youth, and families. People who care.

These are challenging times, yet the staff at Northern never gives up. Instead, they focus on each child and family to improve the potential for a successful outcome.

Susan Green - Former Chairperson, Northern Board of Trustees
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If you’re highly skilled, creative, motivated, and energetic, we invite you to discover the many ways that we are improving the lives of children and families and to find out how you can help us make a difference as part of our talented community.